Thursday, January 28, 2010

Al janah Wedding

ari tu aku dah wat entry ms majlis kad plak majlis sanding die plak...sory lmbat skit update skit...hehhehe

Majlis sanding kak jana ni sm jer ari die nikah...:) lps je nikah ...die siap2 plak untuk majlis sanding...aku n mas pun blk dl ...pastu dtg semula  hehehhe tema majlis ni plak pink and putih...aku pun pki bj pink hehheeh

ni time dah pas makeup...pki bj ijau tu mastura...xikut tema plak die...xper2 janji dapat gak dtg...meriahkan majlis :)
bj dan makeup kak jana pun cntik

pic kenangan di majlis kak jana...lg sorg kawan kitairg dah kawin...semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat

ni lak pelamin die...walaupun simple tp cntik xsempat nak amik pic die time sanding coz kitaorg blk dl...

ni lak time pangantin nak mkn beradab....kak jana je yg pandang heheh tp xperla...
Pic kitaorg xamik byk sgt.....sbb blk ok la untuk tatapan sume


Harap2 pas ni aku update citer aku kawin lak...doa2kan aku erk :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Majlis Akad Nikah - Al - Janah & Hafiz

Ahad Lepas (24/01/10) ..aku nyer officemate, kak jana aku upload ms majlis akad nikah dl la erk...tarikh kat pic tu abaikan je la ek...silap set date hehheheh
die nikah pg ahad seblum sanding...aku gi dua2 la...sbb baik ngan die...mlm ahad tu pun aku n mas gi tlg aper2 yg ptt... hehehhe

Kakk Jana nikah tema color silver...mmg cntila baju die

cntik la kak dia pun cntik sgt

ni hantaran dr dua2 bleh pihak...hantran dorg pun cntik gak...kak jana tu die wat sendiri untuk hntran lelaki...
mmg pndai wat hntaran pun :) promote skit kat sini hehehhe

 ms diijabkabulkan..ayah kak jana yg nikah kan sgt kalo ayah sendiri yg dapat nikahkan kita kan...terharu sgt.. ni la die abg hafiz....suami kak jana...

ni lak time batal air sembahyang..kak jana dpt gelang dr pihak lelaki...senyum lebar dah kak jana sbb nak sah jd isteri kepada abg hafiz....SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU

time amik pic ngan pengantin...mcm tu la kak jana senyumm..comel pun...aku ngan mas ni mmg xleh kalo xamik pic kan heheheh de je muka kitaorg ni

aku masa kat majlis akad nikah...tu sj je pgg jap bunga pengantin tu...amik berkat..moga lps ni jodoh aku plak kan :) doakan aku erk

ni la story majlis akad nikah kak jana...nnti aku ciiter lak ms majlis sanding die plak erk

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A & W...

Semlm (Khamis,21/01)...aku n 2 org officemate gi MBPJ untuk Install Sistem yg dibeli dr company aku..
Tp smpi je kat saner ...dorg xinstall lg SQL untuk kene la kitaorg tunggu...tunggu punyer tunggu ....tgk2 xleh gak install...mula2 install ..database xleh nak login...ppastu kitaorg uninstall la blk...install yg still xleh...server plak problem...adoila...sakit kepala terus...

Yela...keje xleh nak wat huhuh penat je dtg tp xder hasil yg leh wat huhuh stress btl la.
Last2 kitaorg blk jerla...sebelum blk tu aku n the geng gi la mkn kat A&W kT area PJ...terubat gak la skit sakit kpl..sbb mkn A&W hehhehehe

tgk la ni la antara menu yang kitaorg mkn...plg sedap float die la kan hhehhe

ni root beer ...xder folat tp sedap gak...tambah lak ngah lapar2 kan heheheh

ni burger yg aku pesan...cheese nama penuh dia aku xingat la sedap la..yummmmmmiiiii

ni la yg plg menyelerakan kan float die...ermmmsedap2 hehehhehe

biler abis je mkn...mata mula la nan tertutup...kenyang  + Penat...sempat la gak aku tertido on da way blk office...sedar2 je dah smpi office hehheh

ok nnti juper lg kalo de story bestttt....daaaaaaa

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nine Steps Towards a More Interesting Life

“The best way to get a better answer is to start asking a better question.”

-Tony Robbins

Here are nine steps for taking a dull or mediocre existence and creating a life that is actually worth living. A life that is interesting.

Step One: Meet More People

One of the best ways to make your life more interesting is simply to have a larger social reference group. Each connection you make with another human being is like a small opening into their world. If that connection is valuable then many of the interesting events, ideas and growth they experience can be shared with yourself.

Some people who are poor at meeting new people justify this outlook with an elitist attitude. Other people are inferior (ignorant, unkind, shallow, mean) in some way so as to justify not meeting them. Unfortunately this attitude corrupts every relationship you form and you become stranded on a social island.

I disagree with the psychological hypothesis that says our tendency towards meeting new people and forming relationships is fixed and unchangeable. I am incredibly outgoing today but this wasn’t always the case. I can remember times just a few years before where I had trouble sustaining more than a few friends, now I know hundreds of people and have strong ties with a few dozen. Socializing is a skill that may come from birth but can certainly be learned through practice.

Step Two: Take Up New Hobbies

Remember that activity you always wanted to try but never had time for. Do it now. Life won’t wait for your schedule to clear up so you need to take the initiative. I’m not saying you need to abandon all your duties, but you need to actively invest some of your time in trying new things.

Don’t stick to one hobby for too long either. Most hobbies are non-essential skills so achieving a mastery level of them generally doesn’t yield much more benefits than proficiency. If you love your hobby stick with it, but it is important to keep trying new things to keep your life interesting.

Not sure where to start? My personal advice for a ‘hobby’ everyone could benefit from is to go stop by your local Toastmasters club. Communication is the key to life (and meetings are fun too). Besides if you enjoy it you might just complete steps one and two at the same time. You can find a club in your area here.

Step Three: Be Spontaneous

I must say that my ability to be spontaneous was incredibly low until just recently. I was a big fan of having a fixed schedule and sticking to it. Only later did I realize that by sticking to a rigid schedule I missed as many opportunities as I capitalized on by using it. Spontaneity isn’t a hard skill to learn, it is combining flexibility with discipline that is difficult.

Successful flexibility comes from having a very strong inner sense of discipline. This is the ability to act upon opportunities knowing the costs associated. Without this inner discipline it is too easy to waste time pursuing opportunities when demands are placed on you.

Ironically the key to practicing this discipline has to start with a fairly rigid approach to productivity. From this point slowly act on more and more spontaneous opportunities all while adhering to the things you need to do. Eventually you should be able to recognize the costs associated with taking up an opportunity or not without requiring extreme rigidity.

Step Four: Tackle Fears

The ultimate enemy of an interesting life is fear. Boredom is just another symptom of fear because you are limiting yourself within a box of ‘safe’ activities. When you build up your courage to taking down fears your life suddenly becomes a lot more interesting, challenging and most of all satisfying.

I’ve written fairly extensively about overcoming fears already, so if you would like to so you can check it out here.

Step Five: Do Things You Won’t Like

This may seem like a very bizarre step, but it is essential to creating an interesting life. Every once in awhile you need to step outside your zone of preferred activities and test the waters of activities you dislike. You might be displeased or you might just discover something you now enjoy. Many of the things I now love I once though I would hate.

Have no rhythm? Take some dancing lessons. Not an athlete? Join a community sports team. Everything you make in the kitchen starts on fire? Try some cooking lessons (and pick up an extra fire extinguisher).

Step Six: Add Some Spice

What’s the spice of life? Variety of course! If there is one thing you can do to create a more interesting life it is to add more variety. Humans are habitual creatures and readily settle into patterns of behavior good or bad. You need to mix up your life by breaking out of these patterns and doing something completely different.

This may seem like a complete turn around from someone who wrote an entire series on forming habits. I trust you it isn’t. The amount of habits you consciously choose to install will be less than 1% of all the habits you use every day. Most of these habits are neutral or worse and could use a good shaking to add some variety.

So take a different route to work next morning, try a different breakfast or listen to a radio station you have never heard before. And that’s just before you get to the job. There are endless ways to add tiny bits of variety and while it might seem trivial, it is essential to make each day worthwhile and memorable.

A friend of mine introduced me to an interesting challenge to add more variety. Next time you go to the grocery store, head over to the imported foods aisle and pick out one item you have never had before. Last week I had plantain chips and guava juice. Today I have grass jelly juice cooling in my fridge.

Step Seven: Orient Purpose Outside Yourself

You want to know what it is the best way to feel awful and miserable all the time? Keep thinking about all your problems. Maybe it is time to stop worrying about that garbage and instead focus on helping other people solve their problems? Not only does this make others appreciate you more and strengthens relationships, but it makes your life more interesting as well.

Many people wrongly assume that helping others is something you do purely out of altruism. This is incorrect, you help people because helping others helps yourself. Why do you think your body is hardwired to feel good after being charitable? Because being charitable helps you as well. It’s win-win!

Solving others problems doesn’t usually bear the negative weight that tackling your own does so it is a great way to add interest to your life without the burden of more and more challenges. Even if it is as simple as trying to make people laugh or feel good. When you orient the purpose of every interaction outside yourself you get to experience an interesting life.

Step Eight: Abandon Dead-End’s

Pursuing goals is a great way to fill your life with more passion and interest, but there comes a time when your goals no longer inspire or hold the same fire they once did. Abandon any pursuit that no longer holds the value it did when you started. There is no honor in finishing something that has lost meaning. The person who said, “Always finish what you start.” must of had a very boring life.

I’ve made the mistake of giving up on goals because I felt they were too hard. This was a bad mistake, but I usually take up a new challenge when I grow restless. Unfortunately a bigger mistake is to keep pursuing a goal that has lost value. I’ve done this and wasted solid months and years pursuing things that when I finally arrived at them resulted only in emptiness. Abandon a dead-end and keep every moment interesting.

Step Nine: Never Settle

When most people tell you not to settle they mean don’t give up until you have exactly what you want. Although this is an important lesson I’m using the term settle in a different way. When I say don’t settle I mean don’t lock your life into a set of behaviors and experiences. Your life should always be growing, expanding and fresh.

Now I know what you’re thinking, sure this is fine advice coming from a young man with no commitments but I have a spouse, children and mortgage payments. Of course we all have varying responsibilities which we need to uphold, but what you are really offering is just an excuse. You can grow and expand in any setting no matter the restrictions, so long as you have conscious power.

Being in a situation with more responsibilities simply means you need to be more creative in keeping life fresh. Nobody will care that you wasted your life because you had to. If there isn’t a way, make one. Don’t excuse yourself out of a great life.

so Bz....huhu Tips Hilangkan Stress

Lm giler x wat entry kat blog skit ngan keje....nexweek pun de training... nak prepare documentation lg hhuhuh stress pun de...ari ni tergerak nak tulis blog tips utk ilang kan untuk diri sendiri...dan untuk all my friends :) amik article ni kat


Terdapat beberapa tips yang kita boleh amalkan bertujuan mengurangkan

tekanan hidup. Antaranya ialah :

1) Biasakan diri berada dalam keadaan berwuduk

Jiwa kita akan menjadi tenang jika kita membiasakan diri mengambil wuduk

sebelum melakukan pekerjaan. Kerja yang susah akan menjadi senang dan

mudah diselesaikan. Para pelajar misalnya, disarankan agar membiasakan

diri mengambil wuduk sebelum mengulang kaji pelajaran agar apa yang dibaca

akan mudah diingati.

2) Perbanyakkan membaca Al-Qur'an

Ganjaran yang besar akan diberikan Allah bagi sesiapa yang membaca

Al-Quran walaupun satu ayat. Waktu yang sesuai bagi kita untuk membaca

Al-Quran ialah selepas solat lima waktu dan waktu-waktu lain seperti

ketika berehat dan sebelum tidur. Oleh itu, jadikanlah Al-Quran sebagai

teman paling akrab pada sepanjang waktu.

3) Banyakkan Solat Sunat

Sebagai makhluk paling mulia di sisi Allah, kita disuruh membanyakkan amal

ibadat kita sehari-hari. Antaranya, dengan mendirikan solat sunat. Solat

sunat hajat, solat sunat taubat, solat sunat tasbih adalah antara pelbagai

solat sunat yang terdapat dalam Islam. Kita bangun pada sepertiga malam

dan mendirikan solat-solat sunat tersebut agar beroleh ketenangan dan

kekuatan daripada Allah.

4) Selalu berdoa kepada Allah

Allah telah berpesan iaitu jangan menyembah selain daripada-Nya. Ini

bererti kita disuruh berdoa hanya kepada Allah yang Maha Esa dan dilakukan

secara berterusan. Waktu-waktu mustajab berdoa adalah pada malam Jumaat,

tengah malam, pagi sebelum waktu Subuh, malam hari raya, ketika waktu azan

dan iqamah. Insya-Allah, Allah akan memakbulkan doa setiap hamba-Nya yang

benar-benar ikhlas. Namun, kita perlulah sedar bahawa sebarang rezeki

tidak akan datang bergolek sekiranya tanpa usaha yang bersungguh-sungguh.

Maka kita perlulah berusaha supaya mencapai sesuatu di samping berdoa

hanya kepada Allah yang Esa.

5) Bersangka baik dengan Allah

Kita sebagai manusia biasanya tidak akan terlepas daripada berhadapan

dengan ujian dalam hidup. Semuanya itu adalah ujian daripada Allah yang

Berkuasa bertujuan menguji keimanan kita sebagai hamba Allah. Oleh itu,

kita mestilah bersangka baik dengan Allah dan janganlah menyalahkan-Nya

jika terjadi sesuatu ke atas diri kita. Kita juga mesti percaya bahawa

tentu ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian itu.

6) Lakukan kegiatan luar seperti bersukan

Orang ramai selalu berkata bahawa badan yang cerdas akan membentuk otak

yang cergas. Segala tekanan sewaktu bekerja akan dilupakan apabila kita

melakukan aktiviti-aktiviti luar yang dapat menyihatkan tubuh badan

seperti bersukan. Situasi akan menjadi lebih menggembirakan jika kita

meluangkan masa membawa keluarga pergi beriadah. Ikatan kekeluargaan juga

akan bertambah erat dan kukuh.

7) Amal diet dengan disiplin yang kuat

Pengambilan makanan yang berlebihan dan tidak seimbang juga merupakan

salah satu faktor tekanan sewaktu bekerja. Oleh itu, cara untuk

mengurangkan tekanan adalah mengamalkan diet dengan disiplin yang kuat.

Diet yang tidak terkawal akan menyebabkan kegemukan dan menimbulkan

penyakit kronik yang lain seperti lemah jantung, darah tinggi, kencing


8) Menangis dengan sepuas hati

Tekanan yang dihadapi sekiranya melibatkan individu yang lain dapat

diredakan melalui luahan hati kita dengan menuliskan rasa ketidakpuasan

hati kita itu dalam sehelai kertas. Sikap cuba menyimpan perasaan tersebut

dalam hati boleh menyebabkan diri merana. "Luaran lain hati lain" ada

sesetengah individu apabila mereka mengalami sesuatu tekanan, mereka

seolah-olah tidak menunjukkan permasalahan mereka itu. Sebagai contoh,

bila dilihat bersama rakan-rakan tetapi dalam hatinya hanya Allah yang

Maha mengurangkan tekanan yang dihadapi di tempat kerja.

9) Hargai kebolehan diri sendiri

Kita perlu mempunyai satu sikap yang dipanggil yakin diri. Apabila kita

mempunyai keyakinan diri, maka kita tidak akan mempunyai masalah untuk

melakukan sesuatu pekerjaan yang disuruh oleh pihak lain sewaktu bekerja.

Kita yakin bahawa kita boleh melakukan kerja yang disuruh dengan mudah dan

tiada sebarang masalah yang dihadapi. Apa yang penting ialah, kita mesti

menghargai kebolehan diri sendiri dan memulakan hidup dengan lebih ceria.

10) Cintai diri sendiri

"Cintailah diri kamu sendiri sebelum kamu mencintai diri orang lain".

Jelas daripada maksud sepotong hadis ini, kita dapat memahami bahawa kita

perlu mencintai diri sendiri terlebih dahulu berbanding orang lain. Diri

kita yang selama ini masih pada tahap lama dalam pekerjaan perlu

dipertingkatkan dengan cara yang dinyatakan di atas. Kita perlu memulakan

kehidupan kita dengan ceria dan penuh dengan senyuman. Kesimpulan Sebagai

kesimpulannya, tekanan kerja bukanlah satu bebanan yang sukar untuk

diatasi. Dengan usaha yang gigih dan kesabaran yang tinggi serta jalan

penyelesaian yang jitu, bebanan yang kita alami pastinya akan dapat

diselesaikan dengan jayannya.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Selamat Tahun Baru utuk sume kawan2...semoga azam yg lepas tercapai...kalo xtercapai kta bw ke tahun 2010...semoga tahun 2010 ni akan memberi hidup yg ceria...semoga aku leh improve my self untuk jd yang terbaik dari sume aspect.....Semoga aper yg aku inginkan dalm hidup ini akan tercapai

WELCOME 2010...